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Andrea Gala, 20 Peru

Personal ánd professional growth

Andrea's dreams

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Andrea Gala, 20 Peru

Meet Andrea

Young and ambitious trout farmer Andrea

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Tatiana Santillán, 39 Peru

Meet Tatiana

Setting up organic farming and her own living-tourism lodge

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Gina Juarez, 46 Peru

"I feel like an important person who has a lot to show"

This is the story of Gina Juarez

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Martha Sócola Morales, 35 Peru

Martha Sócola Morales

“I think it's important that the banks create more services for women. We are punctual and focused on paying back our loans.”

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Noemí Yauri, 30 Peru

“You will not succeed, you are a woman.”

How Noemí from Peru proved her uncles wrong.

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Violeta Aponte Cisneros, 52 Peru

From poverty to President

How Violeta turned adversity into opportunity

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