Unlikely Entrepreneur?

CARE wants to smash through stereotypes and challenge people to think further.

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Close your eyes and picture an entrepreneur.  Go on.  What do they look like?

Did you imagine a Guatemalan woman standing on her farmland? 

We didn’t think so. Or would a hipster showing off their latest iPhone X be more likely? Was your entrepreneur a man or a woman? What colour was their skin?

When you think about it, our pre-conceived ideas as ‘Westerners’ of what an entrepreneur looks like can be very stereotypical and totally off the mark.

CARE wants to smash through these stereotypes and challenge people to think further.  We know that women from low-income communities have the potential to become successful entrepreneurs and achieve equality – we have countless stories to prove it!   

Take Sandra from Guatemala, who is an entrepreneur in the truest sense.  This woman runs a successful farming business exporting abroad and is President of a farming cooperative with 450 female members.

Meeting her today, you wouldn’t believe that she has battled against poverty, no secondary education and a father and husband who didn’t believe in her. 

As International Women’s Day 2018 approaches, CARE will be celebrating the vital contribution of women entrepreneurs worldwide who have been supported through our Women in Enterprise programme, funded by H&M Foundation.  We are sharing the stories of four incredible women from across the globe who have fought against extreme adversity to succeed in business.

With the right support, whether it’s training, coaching or facilitating access to capital, these women are beginning to believe in themselves, so that they can move from survival to success.

Not only are these women able to run their own businesses, they are also now able to support their families, as well as inspire and support other women in their communities.  By doing so, these inspirational women are beginning to change the fabric of society.

Read the incredible stories of Sandra, Samar, Marian and Subitha.


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