Written by Veronica Iscamey

“The ash kept falling harder and harder, and then it was sand that began falling from the sky.”

Veronica Iscamey is the Project Manager for the Women in Enterprise Project in Guatemala. Here she talks about the impact of the Fuego volcano that erupted on 3rd June 2018 with devastating effect. The volcano erupted for the fifth time in a year on 18th November 2018.

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Written by Emma Langbridge

“Now we are the business owners, we are the queens of ourselves!”

It is an unexpected setting for a beauty salon. We find it tucked away inside a community centre in Al-Hashmi, East Amman. The five women running this new enterprise have heard that we have a male translator with us so we wait outside whilst they quickly put on their headscarves. As we enter the small salon – ‘Sabaya Style’ - there’s an excited buzz. The salon is professionally kitted out with Hollywood-style mirrors around the white walls, with accents of pink from the beauty accessories. The women greet us warmly and offer us cold drinks to stave off the heat.

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Written by Hazar Badran

“I’m not sure I would survive if I had to face the difficulties that the women I work with face on a daily basis.”

Hazar Badran from Jordan talks about the barriers facing women entrepreneurs in her country.

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‘If you persevere and believe in yourself, you can do everything!’ Skillpower blog by Leontine van den Bos

It is a hot day in October, somewhere in Amman, the five-million-inhabitants capital of Jordan. Editor-in-chief of Margriet, a Dutch magazine, Leontine meets Sawsan Abdelaziz Radwan (39) who started her own company in a suburb with the help of CARE.

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