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Skillpower will immerse you in the journey of women entrepreneurs from around the world. A journey that will inspire you and will encourage you to inspire others. On this platform a growing number of entrepreneurial women from all over the world share their story of what it took to get where they are, and what they gained during the process. Their stories give an insight into the amazing lives of so many women entrepreneurs out there, and their process of empowerment – stories now uncovered by CARE and given an international platform to be shared with the world. Read their stories and share the inspirational journey of these women. Your own inspirational journey starts here!


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SKILLPOWER shows what women entrepreneurs need in order to be successful, and what they themselves, and others around them, can do to achieve that. Through our ‘Women in Enterprise’ programme, CARE meets women from marginalized communities who overcame major obstacles in developing their enterprise. We think their stories will inspire women around the world. At the same time they create awareness among a broader audience on conditions that need to be created to support more women worldwide in their economic development and empowerment. This platform not only connects you with the women, but also with their trainers, neighbours, fathers, mothers, husbands, brothers, and other stakeholders that can positively influence their lives.

SKILLPOWER is about the power of entrepreneurial women worldwide. It’s about the power to use one’s skills, and the skills to use one’s power.


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About CARE’s ‘Women in Enterprise’ programme

When women earn an income, it not only increases their economic independence but it can also enhance their position and role in society. Furthermore, economically empowered women tend to share and reinvest their resources into their family and community. Boosting entrepreneurship among women is one way to support their economic empowerment, and the development of entire communities. CARE works with women in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, strengthening their organizations and providing them with access to skills training and securing access to finance to allow them to develop their enterprise. At the same time we work to enhance women’s control over time and resources, overcoming social and cultural barriers and stimulating favorable policy conditions. CARE’s country offices provide women with skills trainings, work with local stakeholders to create a favorable environment and organize national campaigns where role models engage in activities to inspire other women entrepreneurs.

A key part of this work is made possible by CARE’s partnership with the H&M Foundation, which allows us to make investments in enterprise development with women in 12 countries. All the women you will find on this platform participate in CARE’s Women in Enterprise programme.

We believe that change in women’s lives can be inspired through stories. Stories of women entrepreneurs that make a difference.


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