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Meet Elida

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Elida Chopox, 23 Guatemala Storyline

I live with my mom and my brothers and sisters. My dad left us when I was young. At that time he sold our house and we had to look for a new home. Because of my mum’s efforts we were able to save money and build a new house, she worked so hard, mostly in the field. After a while though I decided I wanted to study and I obtained my bachelor’s degree. At the same time I wanted to help my mum in the field. Together we worked hard and were able to get my other brothers and sisters through school.

I truly admire my mum. She taught me to work hard and move forward. By working hard in the field I was able to pay for university with my own savings. Two years ago I was still depending on my mum. Now I am able to pay for university and for my own clothes. It is a big change to be having my own income. This way I can help my mum as well.


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