Tomatoes lead to personal independence

Elida's achievements

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Elida Chopox, 23 Guatemala Storyline

I was 18 when I joined a Women’s Group from my municipality in Santa Cruz Balanyá. I started working and learning next to other women and we had so many beautiful experiences! At the beginning it was difficult for me because the other women were so much older and already had their own families. They had a different way of thinking and were more mature than me. But it turns out we learned so much together, for example how to grow tomatoes and oyster mushrooms, planting and harvesting green beans, zucchini and peas. Not only for sale in the local market but also for export.

I feel happy because this allowed me to start my own small business. Now I can truly say: I am a woman entrepreneur and I am happy with what I do! Nobody forces me, I just simply get so happy when I set out to do something, determined to accomplish my goals. I really developed a passion for growing the oyster mushrooms, because you work in the shade and at your own home. So it is not so much an investment in time, but more an investment in learning how to properly grow the mushrooms and continue improving.

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