It’s important to have self-confidence

Elida's dreams

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Elida Chopox, 23 Guatemala Storyline

One of my goals is to graduate from university. My other dream is to be recognized as a successful woman in agriculture. I want my products to be of good quality and quantity. So I want to be successful both academically as well as in agriculture. To me being an entrepreneur means not being just any woman, it means you are constantly learning, evolving and also guiding other people. Because a woman can do many things, not just being at the house, but she can learn a lot and have great successes in life. I think an important characteristic of being an entrepreneur is first of all to be happy with yourself and to have self-confidence, this way we can face any challenges.

My biggest challenge remains lack of money to invest in my school and my work. I am always stressing on how to pay the university bills. The other challenge is a lack of proper land to work. We don’t have enough land of our own. That’s why we have to rent and this is very expensive. If you don’t have money to invest you cannot do bigger things. But even so, I never let this stop me from doing what I want to do.



Women must organize and participate.

To have more opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Guatemala we first have to change mindsets. There is a lot of discrimination and ‘machismo’ here. Men often don’t let women move forward and let them do something for themselves. Men have made us feel as if we are less than them. That’s why we have to change mindsets, both of men and women. Because many women say ‘we cannot do this, we cannot do that’.

The mind is very powerful and we should try to change this towards positive thinking. We have laws here but they are not being applied. That’s why as women we should organize ourselves and participate. Because once we succeed in changing practice and mindsets women will become more confident, they will learn how to do new things and they will move forward, creating a better life for their families. This is when Guatemala will be able to change.


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