Meet Annie

For a long time she has been surviving through running a small business selling groundnuts.

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Annie Gondwe, 51 Zambia Storyline

Annie is a self-motivated, strong-willed, neatly dressed and very outspoken person. She is very bold to stand and express herself in public. She has strong leadership qualities and is an example for her community.

 "I am 51 years old and living with my family in Chipata peri-urban compound in Zambia. I am married and mother of eleven children who are alive, well and still living with me. I also have one grandson, a child of one of my sons, who lives with me. I have been taking care of my grandson and also paying for his school fees. I have been living here for the last 32 years. My husband has built two houses – a 5 bedroomed house and an 11 bedroomed house. We are living in the smaller house while the 11 bedroom house is on rent – raising income for our family.

I have never been formally employed. For a long time I have been surviving through running a small business selling groundnuts. Then I managed to upgrade from groundnuts to selling beans and then selling Jiko stoves which are slightly more profitable. As I had to take care of my grandson I could not continue with my business. But luckily I have been able to build a new business! After a 15-year career as a voluntary HIV CARE provider, I now also sell health and nutritional products as a Live Well agent."

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