From groundnuts to health products

Annie's achievements

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Annie Gondwe, 51 Zambia Storyline

Health care

Next to her former beans and Jilo stoves business Annie has other activities.
"For the last 15 years I have been providing community health services to residents of Chipata compound as a voluntary HIV CARE provider. I give door to door health education on the danger of HIV and I conduct HIV rapid testing. I am also busy organizing and coordinating community meetings on issues related to health, like monitoring child growth. I am proud to be a member of the very active Chipata compound Neighborhood Health Committee (NHC). The NHC is a community leadership group whose role has been to act as a link between the government health facility and our community. The NHC members represent community members. We identify health problems from the community and report to the health facility for action. For example in 2012 we identified and reported an outbreak of measles."


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Annie has been an active NHC member and is currently the appointed chairwoman by the community health clinic whose responsibility is to lead other volunteers.

New opportunity

As a Live Well agent Annie is now selling health and nutritional products to her community through the Live Well Social Enterprise. This social enterprise has been jointly set up by CARE and Barclays/GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to give more people access to affordable healthcare products and support entrepreneurship. Through the program, women like Annie are being trained to become responsible business agents and health advisors. “Many of my clients know where I stay and they come to me to buy products. Sometimes even during awkward hours when they are in desperate need of medical or health supplies. I have been woken several times to help out my sick neighbors."

"Although my new business is not yet growing fast, the program is helping me to sustain myself and my family members. This program has given a voice to women! I am now recognized and appreciated by my community as a decision making contributor. An amazing change. No longer have I been categorized as a poor housewife but as a business women! Together with my husband I pay our children’s school fees and buy food. I am so proud of this business which has put me on a higher scale." Annie is encouraging others to also become a Live Well agent. 


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Her husband has been very supportive and enthusiastic about this program and he believes this is an opportunity to build a sustainable business.

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