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Young and ambitious trout farmer Andrea

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Andrea Gala, 20 Peru Storyline

My name is Andrea and I am 20 years old. I come from a small community called Palmira Alta in Huancavelica and I have seven siblings. My parents are both farmers and I used to help them with work on the field and taking care of my younger siblings. I studied until 4th grade of secondary – though I wish I could have studied more!

Now I am married and last year our first baby was born. We live together with my parents-in-law in Paucara, Pampa. Every morning I get up at 5 AM to look after my daughter and to cook for my family. At 8 AM I go to our trout farm, where I take care of the fish. This means cleaning the ponds, feed the fish and arrange all other things that are needed. At mid-day I prepare lunch for my family and in the afternoon I continue my work at the fish farm. Sometimes my husband takes over in the afternoon, especially if there is work that requires strength. This is when I usually take time to knit. At the end of the day we all get together again at the table for dinner. During the week the buyers come to our farm, but Sunday is one of my favorite days because we go to the Paucará market where I sell grilled fish from the farm.

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