Everything was hard but now I’m better, I look towards the future

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Andrea Gala, 20 Peru Storyline

I am the president of the women association Trout Farm Pacatán, we have 20 members and we are still growing! Together we learn how to improve our trout farms. This business has worked out so well for us women because now we don’t depend on our fields anymore, which is hard work and often badly paid. With the association we want to open a restaurant one day, next to the trout farm, so we can attract more visitors. We want to turn this area into a tourist zone, where people can come and relax and enjoy our restaurant with trout based dishes. Of course we still have a road ahead of us, for example we need to manage our shortage of water and we need to save money to invest in the extension of our trout farm.

I am determined to improve this business so my daughter can become a professional one day. My father never used to believe in me and he also didn’t think school was for girls. But I didn’t listen to him and finished high school anyway. Now I just want to continue learning, though I have already learned so much since the start of the business! For example I learned that customer service is very important. You should not just have a good product but you should treat your customer well so he will return to you. Also because of the technical assistance we received, the baby trout mortality has decreased.

I also feel so much more confident than before! Now I really dare to dream and visualize how we want to see things in the future. This is a big difference from before, when sometimes I was willing to give up. In tough times I thought I should just quit and move to the capital Lima to find a job. But I am so glad I stayed and worked through the challenges, I came out so much stronger. Now I know life has its ups and downs but I should not give up. I am glad to see that our work is also inspiring other women of our community to start something for themselves. We have received requests from other women to join our association and some have already started constructing their breeding ponds. This way we can develop together.     

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My income has increased, thanks to new clients such as restaurants and people that come to our region to rest. This extra income and cost savings have been beneficial to the association. I am very happy with this development.


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