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Andrea Gala, 20 Peru Storyline

We are saving some of the earnings from my business to construct our own house. I can’t wait to raise my daughter there. My husband has been of such great support, he takes care of our daughter on the busiest days at the farm. He also sees that beacuse of the trout farm and the support we have received, we were able to build better lives for ourselves and our family. And we as women are also thinking differently. We now think of how we can bring an income to our family, and we think of best ways to do business. If I compare myself with before I started this business... I used to make around US$ 140 a month working the fields, now I earn between US$ 640 and US$ 725 a month! I am so proud of this accomplishment!

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I am very happy that through the skills trainings I have been challenged and now the association is working towards technical training and growing the incubator. Taking our trout farm to the next level is in our own hands.

Keep on learning

Her persistence has inspired more women in her community, because they have requested to be part of the association and some of them have already started to build pools for fish farming. Andrea would like to keep learning, especially everything that has to do with business plans, in order to keep strengthening her association. The association is now formalized and relies on partners with an admirable community vision, where they wish to grow together. 

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