Meet Ayat

Meet Ayat, a fashion designer in Jordan.

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Ayat Al-Zoubi , 39 Jordan Storyline

Ayat Al-Zu’bi is a 39-year old single mom and fashion designer. She had to overcome difficult obstacles to obtain her career in fashion, but now she is an example to many.

Ayat grew up with a very religious and strict father. At the age of 18 her mom died and she was forced to marry a 16-years-older man. A difficult period in her life started, as her husband was abusive and treated her badly. Ayat put up with that, since her husband’s income allowed her to take care of her siblings. To forget her problems, Ayat decided to start doing something creative. She started making small handicrafts, and to her own surprise she was able to make a tiny profit. Those sales were the beginning of her interest in fashion and her believe in the possibility of her independency. Ayat will share her amazing story of SKILLPOWER.

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