Meet Kefah

From supporting a househould to leading a household

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Kefah, 47 Jordan Storyline

I may not have experienced the same difficult struggles as other Jordanian women when it comes to real poverty. I had the opportunity to go to school, to learn about psychology and to study computer programming as well. Only one year after I graduated I got married. The Jordanian culture doesn’t encourage women to continue working once married. I did however feel the need to get a job in order to support my husband with debt, family expenses, living expenses, and rent. One day, while working for a foundation, I was asked to bake cupcakes, small desserts and finger foods during an event. The foundation really liked my food and convinced me to sell it. I felt motivated by these compliments and decided to sell my food at bazars and small events. This is how I began earning extra income for my family.

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