First I became empowered myself and now I am unlocking the potential of women around me!

Kefah's achievements

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Kefah, 47 Jordan Storyline

Next to my food business, I also continued working with the foundation, especially with young women who were facing family abuse, abuse in general, and violence. It was my aim to help these women learn how to change their lives and to empower themselves. This actually has been the most important milestone in my life because this is when I began impacting other people’s lives.

Besides my work at the foundation, I continued to work in my own business. My “snack and finger food” kitchen started to flourish, also because I started to get famous for my work to stop violence against women and to empower women.

But I wanted to do more. I decided to help the women of my community by selling their products. So I started to supervise the individual projects of the women, by supporting the sales of the different products of the women to other women and vice versa.

Then my husband died. It happened when my eldest son was in his senior year of high school. Suddenly I had many expenses to cover. I decided to focus on my small kitchen business. Through support from CARE I learned about loans and savings groups, enabling groups of women to save and receive small loans, without too much interest. I loved this new opportunity and I trained 500 women on how to take out loans and to pay them on time. This created a sense of trust among the women as through the loan and savings groups, also safe places for women were created allowing them to exchange on any kind of issue important to women. For example, meeting women like Bedryyah makes me smile as they remind me of myself. I am very grateful and making a positive change within myself and the community.

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