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Bedryyah's achievements

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Bedryyah Katleesh, 47 Jordan Storyline

Through business trainings that I received from CARE, I learned how to get more customers to my kitchen and how to market my products. My self-confidence has become a lot better and I feel stronger. Mostly people call me on my phone to place an order, like associations and sometime my neighbours order food. I take part in Bazaars and similar activities.

Now I am achieving my goals: being able to provide for my family. My children are happier. Ayat, my fourteen-year-old daughter, was just telling me how glad she is that her life is better than that of some of the other classmates in school. But that wasn’t always an option to me. I came to Jordan as a refugee, after I was forced to leave my homeland of Syria. My husband is currently awaiting asylum in Germany. In the meantime, I takes care of my six children and I take care of my husband’s two children as well. This leaves me with eight mouths to feed, something I am fortunately very much capable of doing right now. Also, I am very happy to have met Kefah, she has truly been an inspiration to me, always convincing me of my potential and motivating me when things get tough.

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