Nothing is impossible, think of what you are good at and do it!

Bedryyah' s dreams

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Bedryyah Katleesh, 47 Jordan Storyline

Now I don’t need anyone to pay the rent, my electricity and water any longer. I taught my sister and aunt to cook as well. They weren’t able to cook at all, but now they’re even better than I am. This way, we are able to expand our business. It makes me feel good that I can help them. It is my dream to continue with my business, to expand it and provide for my family and supports others, too. Support from CARE has improved my life and meeting women like Kefah has really changed my life.

Today l am also convincing other women to rely on their abilities as well. There is no such thing as impossible and everyone is capable of working. A women should not sit at home. Even if your husband works and is able to provide for you, you can work and become your own boss. Yesterday a Syrian woman called me and told me that she was incapable of working. I told her ‘nothing is impossible, think of what you are good at and do it!'.


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