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Ayat's achievements

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Ayat Al-Zoubi , 39 Jordan Storyline

After all her struggles, both personally and financially, Ayat is finally harvesting. Her hard work and persistence were key to that. Today, she owns three sewing workshops, two stores in Jordan, and several stores globally (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and the USA). Ayat’s fashion frequently represents Jordan in international Eastern Clothing competitions. Every year she now opens a new clothing line and always comes up with creative new designs. She imports all her fabrics from abroad and has created quite a large name for herself in the country. Her stores have adopted five extremely poor families and help them out on a monthly basis. "I am a firm believer that when you give, the world will give back."


When you give, the world will give back

"My ambition for the future is clear: to start a college that focuses on the whole process of fashion design. Every step of the process: designing, sewing, creating, buying, cutting, etc. There is currently no University with curricula on fashion. I also want to import beauty supplies for women, so my stores would have everything you need, from A to Z."


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