Going against the odds in my culture

Usha's achievements

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Usha Kohar, 27 Nepal Storyline

As a young woman it isn’t easy to just do what you want in our community. For instance, daughters-in-law are not allowed to go far away from the village to do business. Then I got the chance to participate in the group formation meeting of Atmanirbhar project (link CARE Nepal project). At the beginning it was difficult to convince my family to go to the training, they didn’t agree. I had to convince them because I didn’t want to go against my family, especially for the sake of my six-year-old son. And I succeeded!  I learned so much from the trainings; I was even nominated as the Vice Secretary of the Women Entrepreneurs Group I am part of!

This allowed me to get involved in different other activities. I also became selected as Change Agent and participated at a ‘Training for Trainers’ training on Entrepreneur Development. Here I learned a lot about sustainable livelihoods and entrepreneur culture.

Then I participated in a training on making fancy bangles where I learned about making a different variety of fancy bangles. This is what I really like to do!

The trainings have been very fruitful for me as I started to understand why I was not able to make profit from my previous business! After so many program activities and trainings my confidence has really increased. I can now fluently communicate with the people about issues related to business!

I am also capable of saving along with expanding my business. As a member of a women group I save 50 rupees (0.50 euro per month) and also I have been able to save 40000 rupees (345 Euros) in a bank account for future purposes! My social life has also changed after engaging in my own business. It has increased my self-confidence as well. Especially since traveling and engaging in a business is not as simple as it seems for a single woman from a remote community in Terai.

So my situation has changed. My family members now support me and are positive after I started my business in my own home and start earning a little money. Her father-in-law: “At first I did not approve of the fact that Usha went out but nowadays I feel happy for her as she is earning for herself and doing something good for our society as well”. Now I also give bangle making training to the other girls of the village in my home! I also started to encourage other young women with potential to get engaged in micro business. And I teach them about social awareness. One of the group members said to me that I am the leader of our group.

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