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Usha Kohar, 27 Nepal Storyline

Initially I was not able to make much profit from my first business due to high market competition. But the bangle making business has a good scope in a local market. I know it is difficult for me to get fully engaged in the work but I manage my time accordingly to continue this business. I am positive to make profit from this business. This opportunity will surely help to brighten my family’s future. People from my village tell me I inspire them too.  Neighbor Gyanmati Pasi: “Usha’s knowledge and passion for skills give other women in the village motivation to change things”. Young girls say that she is even playing the role of parents for youths. They say that they have their determination increased by the training she gives to them for utilizing free time.

I still worry about things of course. Should I marry again or should I stay single?  What would be my son’s future be in case I would marry again? But I just take one step at a time and try to enjoy my life as it is right now, focus on my son and my business and I am sure I will get answers to these questions as time passes.
The respect and help of village and community now is my basis of living, as I don’t feel alone anymore after losing my husband.  I aim to increase my business in the future and I hope my son will become a teacher who spreads the light of education in society. Though I still feel I can improve my business with more support and trainings, I am proud of myself now.

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