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Building a brickcompany

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Fabiola Manirakiza, 33 Burundi Storyline

My name is Fabiola. I have 3 children, a boy of 12 years and two daughters of 10 and 5 years old. I also take care of two orphaned children. Before starting my business I was not happy because I totally depended on my husband and I had many problems. I was abused and even beaten by my husband. This prevented me from participating in any community activities, like the village savings and loan association (VSLA). But at one point I started participating secretly. I used to be afraid to go against my husband, every day I just waited for my husband to come home, not knowing what his state of mind would be. Often he was drunk and instead of bringing us things to eat, I was beaten. But one day I couldn’t accept it anymore and I stood up for myself and told him I joined the VSLA. After many talks and advice from our neighbors, my husband accepted me to join the VSLA with the condition that I would not ask him for money again.

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